The Lieb Family

I met the Lieb family when we lived in St. Louis back in 2016. Mrs. Cindy had contacted me about taking her eldest son's Senior portraits. We ended up meeting in Downtown St. Louis where I met their fiery, red head, Connor, and we all had a chance to explore the hidden treasures that made St. Louis a great back drop. Mr. Scott kept us laughing the entire time, which seems to be his forte! (Connor didn't think it was too funny... which made it funnier... Sorry, Connor!) 

Almost a year later, I see Mrs. Cindy's name pop up in my FB inbox and I was ecstatic! 

We met in Edwardsville, IL at The Gardens on SIUE Campus. I had never been before and it was amazing how busy the place was with other photoshoots! It was really cool to witness and such a beautiful trail. As soon as we found some space to shoot and made sure we weren't photo bombing other Photographers (LOL) We got to work!

Mr. & Mrs. Lieb have been married for 22 years and in their lines of work for just as long.

Mr. Lieb is a Sergeant for the Swansea Police Department and Mrs. Lieb is an RN in Labor & Delivery. Now, if that isn't a power couple, I don't know who is. I was so happy when they decided to do the first half of their session in their uniforms.

Thank you for your countless years of dedicated service to the safety and well-being of your community & Congratulations on 22 loving years together! :) I'd say you make a pretty great team <3

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Say Hello to the entire Lieb Family!

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Thanks for putting up with me, Connor & Alex! :)

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